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Garbh Sanskar
Apr 14

Garbh Sanskar

Gynaecological Disorder :

Garbh Sanskar:

Each month wise treatment for 9 months to pregnant woman for her and for the fetus growth.

Gynaecological Disorder :

Peurperal Diseases:

If the post puerperal management like “Pattabandhana” ” Dhoopan ”  etc if not followed then the patient is susceptible to various diseases  like obesity ( Backache, Anaemia, weight gain, enlarged size of abdomen,  decreasing bone density/ brittleness of bones.)

Lenkorrhoea – White discharge causes  weakness , backache,  loin ache, joint pains, lassitude.

Treatment : Snehana by medicated Oil, swedana,dhoopan,  udvartana, Basti.

Treatment : Yoni Prakshalan, Yoni pichu etc.

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